Wanderlei Silva released from UFC Contract

It has been confirmed by that MMA legend Wanderlei Silva has been released from the UFC and is now free to pursue offers from other promotions.

The news was confirmed by MMA Junkie following a statement that was released on Wanderlei Silva’s Facebook in where he apologises to the UFC for accusing them of fight fixing.

In the post he states:

I Was Wrong, apologize.

“In July of last year, I posted a number of comments on Facebook and Twitter, which included repeated claims that the UFC “fixed fights” and that I could “prove it.” I hereby retract any such statements in their entirety as I failed to understand that the term “fight-fixing” specifically refers to the illegal action or practice of dishonestly determining the outcome of a contest before it occurs. I understand the UFC’s reputation would be harmed if my fans and others actually believed the UFC engaged in fight fixing, and I have no evidence to support such a claim. I apologize for any misunderstanding my comments may have caused.”

Silva was still signed to the UFC when he given a lifetime ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for avoiding a out of competition drug test. The ban was later overturned by the Nevada district court judge.

Silva was suppose to appear before the NSAC this week but he was not present and it has now been postponed to next month.


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