Vitor Belfort “I never hide anything from anybody”.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort appeared on AXS TV’s Inside MMA to discuss a number of subjects, including his prior issues with elevated testosterone levels, UFC fighter Luke Rockhold’s recent statement about Belfort’s fighting style, and drug testing during his current training camp.

Belfort opened up about the article that Josh Gross did back in December with allegations that UFC knew about his test results and still allowed him to compete. Early on in the week Belfort was scheduled to speak to MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, but his wife who is also his manager cancelled last minute and requested that questions on the deadspin article be avoided.

In the interview Vitor stated:

“I was starting my treatment and I had an approval of my doctor and with the UFC, so, they need someone to step into the fight, I offered myself. I shared all my tests, my exams with them, and one went public, I think they shared my privates, but everything got approval.”

“I never hide anything from anybody, You know the media. I’ve always received them in my house, I receive them very open, I talk about it and I never try to handle anything. I shared everything I knew, so, in that fight I got approval from the UFC, the commission, you know? I had everything set. I came with no training for a fight with Jon Jones, I almost submitted him in the fight.To tell you the truth, I don’t know anything to say. This is the truth, and I think when you deal with that, you just gotta know that people will say things, some people will say different things, but the truth is the truth. I learned in the Bible that the truth sets you free, you know, and here I am.”


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