Urijah Faber speaks on TJ Dillashaw: “He has a bad temper and he hurts people in practice”

On the Stud Show Urijah Faber, Justin Buchholz and Drunk AC speak on numerous topics. One of the main topics of discussion was TJ Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male and how it all played out.

Faber explained that they had lunch and TJ said to him:

“I think I’m gonna go out to Colorado for my next camp” and Faber replied “ok”,  “you know actually anytime I do anything fight related from now on I’m gonna go out there, there’re offering a real opportunity with some money”.

Faber then went onto give his opinion on Dillashaw’s money opportunity stating:

“Honestly I’m not gonna put out his business on what his money is, he’s talking bout its an amazing opportunity money wise or whatever like you gotta be kidding me dude you could dedicate yourself mowing lawns for Sanchez Carlitos business for the same amount of money if you do it full time”.

Faber also spoke on Dillashaw still wanting to come into Alpha Male and train when he’s in town stating:

“When your in a family environment you have people that have different little things that are issues you know and TJ’s thing is been that he has a bad temper and he hurts people in practice and does things that are you know, he got like a temper and doesn’t hold back sometimes right so, it doesn’t make sense for you to come and spar with the our guys and they’ve got Dominick Cruz who has been out his whole life, basically, because he’s not made for combat. I’m 1-1 with that guy and T.J. hasn’t fought him yet. I turned down the fight with him twice. Dana (white) called me and said, ‘What if I said I don’t want you to fight this guy? I want you to fight T.J. for the belt. Man, I just don’t think I can do it. I heard T.J. say he gotten taken care of better in college than he does here, whatever that means. That’s ridiculous. He said he wants to come back and be a part of our team, but he made a big boy decision. He walked away from the family that brought him up, the guys who were a big part of his success.”

Faber talks about TJ in the video below from 1h:15m.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtYCjoldkys&w=560&h=315]

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