UFC Fight Night London: Dana White Event Recap

UFC President Dana White recaps Silva vs Bisping with Jon Anik and Dan Hardy on the UFC Fight Night Post Fight show.

“Crazy, Absolute madness, the flying knee. Listen, walk off knockouts are awesome make sure the fight is over”, said Dana White as he talks about the controversial third round.”I still haven’t seen exactly what happened, but he hit him with the knee, then walked away. Herb Dean didn’t stop the fight and then the bell rang. If he would have jumped on top of him, he could have finished the fight. He did not, he tried to walk away. It’s crazy, crazy and then Bisping wins the decision in the end.”

When talking about the outcome Dana White said, “I have to watch it again, there was so much craziness going on here after the flying knee, but I believe I had it even going into the fifth round and whoever wins the fifth round won the fight and I thought that Anderson Silva won, by the same score. I had the same score, but the other way.”


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