Tyron Woodley reflects on the majority draw result at UFC 205

Tyron Woodley spoke to Megan Olivi backstage after defending his UFC Welterweight belt against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson at UFC 205.

There was some controversy after the fight when the result was announced as it was changed to a majority draw. Tyron Told Megan, “When they were reading out the numbers and it took so long I knew it was some kind of split or draw or whatever so my eyes were closed and I’m just praying that the right decision is made. So when they said I won I wasn’t listening to the score card and when it came back I thought he was going to say I’d lost and I was so…my heart just dropped and jumped straight out of my body.

You know I didn’t want the draw I wanted the victory but the draw is way better than a loss.”

Watch the full interview below

Louise Green

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