TUF 23’s Lanchana Green Aims To Be UFC Strawweight Champion Within Four Years

MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green spoke to The Ultimate Fighter Season 23 contestant Lanchana Green after her time on the show. Lanchana touches on her time growing up in in the quiet area of Darlington, England and the journey that led her to fly out to Vegas to try out for the show. “Ive lived in Darlington most of my life, I spent the first few years in Whitby,” She said “My mum is Thai so I spent time going over to Thailand, Ive never actually lived there but we would go regularly.”

She names women’s MMA pioneer Rosi Sexton as an inspiration and said that she even went to spend time with her to train at one point. But it was her boyfriend and coach that inspired her to make the transition from Muay Thai to MMA and eventually persuaded her to enter The Ultimate Fighter. “He had every belief in me that I could go over there and get my spot on the show” She smiled. “That was it, right, lets give it a go, and I made it onto the show”.

A member of Claudia Gadelha’s blue team, Lanchana expressed her thoughts of being picked by Claudia and praised her coaching and support that she gave Lanchana and the rest of the team during the show. “Watching the show back I’m so glad I made it onto Claudia’s team. From day one she supported us all, she made sure we were on weight, she was helping to enhance our game rather than change any of us.” She said.

As it can be seen when watching the show, the blue team truly clicked and it seems that some of that may have been down to the way Claudia and her coaches carried their ‘family vibe’ over to the team. The same perhaps might not be said about the red team, as Joanna took a very different approach to coaching her team and makes one wonder if that had any effect on the teams loosing streak.
“Its only since watching the show back that I kind of see her (Joanna’s) coaching style and its obviously very old school,” She explained. “Very go hard or go home kind of aspect. I think MMA in particular has evolved since then, one day you might have a technical session and in the night time might be more intense. It has to vary so we don’t break, we’re only in there for a short time and if you keep on running yourself into the ground your not going to be fighting at 100% so I didn’t really agree with some of her coaching methods.”

Lanchana talks about adapting to life in the TUF 23 house and being one of three British female fighters to compete on the show. Its clear that Lanchana enjoyed her time and the experience and she described it as a surreal one, “it was brand new you know, extremely hard. I don’t think Im ever going to be put in a situation like that again.”

So what is next for Lanchana Green ? “I would like to be the Strawweight UFC Champion within the next four years” She said confidently. “Thats the time scale Ive put on it, if I can do it sooner then that would be even better.”

So far we have witnessed Lanchana win her elimination match and most recently her tough victory over fellow brit Helen Harper. She is still early in her MMA career but her journey will be an interesting one to follow as we wait for the remainder of the show to unfold.
Watch the full interview below.


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