'TUF 21' Announced American Top Team vs Blackzilians

UFC announced at the Welcome to the Show Event that “The Ultimate Fighter 21” will debut April 22 on FOX Sports 1.

TUF 21 will not be the traditional format of having two TUF Coaches but will feature two top MMA gyms, American Top Team vs Blackzilians where 16 Welterweights will compete in a single elimination tournament. The winning team will earn $500,000 and TUF team trophy.

Dana White stated ‘We’ve taken risks, shots, try new things. I’ll say this: this season is insane.
This season of TUF is awesome. It’s got energy, fun, its got energy like no season ever had. Everybody’s going to like it.’

Below are the fighters included on both teams.

American Top Team
• Marcelo Alfaya (16-7) Porto Alegre, Brazil
• Steve Carl (21-4), Belle Plain, Iowa
• Nathan Coy (14-5), Vallejo, Calif.
• Michael Graves (4-0), Toledo, Ohio
• Hayder Hassan (6-1), Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
• Sabah Homasi (8-4), New Brunswick, N.J.
• Uros Jurisic (5-0), Ljubljana, Slovenia
• Steve Montgomery (8-2), Florence, S.C.

• Valdir Araujo (14-5), Gama, Federal District, Brazil
• Carrington Banks (3-0), Peoria, Ill.
• Luiz Buscape (16-5), Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil
• Jason Jackson (4-2), Kingston, Jamaica
• Vicente Luque (7-4-1), Westwood, N.J.
• Andrews Nakahara (4-2-2), Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Felipe Portela (8-2), Brasilia, Brazil
• Kamarudeen Usman (5-1) Auchi, Nigeria


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