Tito Ortiz on Jon Jones “He had a chance of being the greatest ever”

MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green spoke to Tito Ortiz prior to Bellator 158 in London. among other subjects, Tito spoke about the recent Jon Jones scandal involving an anti doping violation.

Jon Jones was scheduled to face rival and current Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 200. With just days out and not long after taking part in the events pre fight press conference, the news broke. An emergency press conference was held and the media was informed that Jon Jones had been pulled from the bout due to a potential anti doping violation. This came as the icing on the cake for some as this added to the long list of trouble Jones has found himself in recently.

“Who does he have around him, who are his care takers. Who are the people that are watching him to see what he does wrong or right or does he have his own free reign to do whatever he wants.” Said Tito.

Jon Jones tested positive for estrogen blockers and could face up to a two year suspension. As arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, you can’t help but wonder how this will effect his legacy. “He had the world in his hands and it just fell away, he tarnished his name forever” Tito told Louise. “He had a chance of being the greatest ever”.


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