Shana Dobson says “it could be lights out” for Lauren Mueller at UFC Glendale

UFC Flyweight Shana Dobson spoke to MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green about her upcoming bout against Lauren Mueller at UFC On FOX 29, April. 14.

Although her time on The Ultimate Fighter Season 26 didn’t pan out how she expected, Shana Dobson explains how she used the experience to learn and grow as a fighter. “When I lost the fight to Roxanne I didn’t want to mope or anything like that,” she said. “I wanted to take advantage of my experience and the person that I lost to ended up fighting for the belt at the end of the whole thing. I fought Nicco (Montano) too, I fought Nicco in the past too so. It really is about the quality of your opponents too I feel like, so I was proud of myself regardless and I just learn from my mistakes, I learnt a lot about the fight game in that process.”

Coming off a second round TKO win over Ariel Beck in her UFC debut in December 2017, Shana Dobson used that opportunity to show what she was capable of and what she was unable to showcase during her time in the TUF 26 house.

Now fighting out of Team Lloyd Irvin in Washington, Dobson believes the level of grind and intensity that she will showcase is going to be different to what she has previously shown. “What I want to do is evolve, what I want to do is be able to show different aspects of me and different looks and be able to be the best me that I can be no matter where the fight goes.”

Dobson’s new opponent Lauren Mueller looks to make her UFC debut April 14th after making an appearance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series back in August. “We had an opportunity to watch the contenders series some what while we were at TUF because that was when her fight was, while we were in the TUF house, and I remember seeing her on the highlights and then when we got matched up, I went back at looked at her fight. I thought it was a good fight, she’s very tough, she seems pretty well rounded but Im very confident in every aspect of my game at this point.”

Shana Dobson is expecting an exciting fight against Mueller. “Either we are going to have a fight of the night type of fight, you know like swinging, technical, just striking that the people want to see. Or you know, everything in my game has elevated including my power so you know, you saw what I did last fight and Im even more dangerous now so it could be lights out so we’ll see what happens. Im excited, at the end Im going to get my hand raised, I’m going to get that W.”

Watch the full Skype interview below.

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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