Sam Alvey ready to start climbing the Light Heavyweight rankings after a win at UFC Utica

MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green spoke to Smilin Sam Alvey ahead of his upcoming fight against Gian Villante at UFC Utica, June 1st.

Sam Alvey, currently in the process of adopting a child talks about his family and gives an insight into his wife’s involvement in his fight career. “The reason why I’m at Team Quest is because she made the move, she picked the gym. She’s a vital part of all my camps now days.”

Coming off a KO victory in February, Alvey explains why he made the move to Light Heavyweight and his plans to climb the rankings, “It was the first real camp I’d had in a while and it felt great being able to go out there and perform. I spent a lot of time in the last year and a half taking short notice fights,” he said. “Im ready for my title shot, my title run. So Im going to start picking my fights a little smarter, Im going to start training full camps for everything and really work my way up till I get that shot against the Champion.”

“It was a way easier weight cut, I had such a good time not cutting as much weight and I’ll stay here until the UFC tell me to go back down.”

Sam Alvey called out Gian Villante who he will be facing next, “Id met him before and he’s great, we talked for about 15 minutes and I really enjoyed being around him so I figured I’d enjoy being in the octagon with him as well. He’s a ranked fighter right now so I think it was smart on that part because really Im going to start climbing the rankings, breaking the top ten, top five hopefully but for now I like him so I figured lets make some money together.”

Alvey wants to test himself against someone who will be bigger and stronger. With both men possessing knockout power, Sam Alvey doesn’t see the fight going the distance. “I definitely see us making contact, I just hope I make contact before he does.”

Picture courtesy of UFC.

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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