Rory MacDonald thinks the biggest fight for GSP is Michael Bisping

Rory MacDonald will make his Bellator MMA debut this May against Paul Daley in the main event at Bellator 179 in London. He signed with Bellator MMA back in August 2016 after parting ways with the UFC. Rory MacDonald recently spoke to MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green about his upcoming bout and the return of teammate GSP.

Rory MacDonald said that he was first gunning for a fight against the Champion at the time Andrey Koreshkov or whoever had the belt. “I was hoping fingers crossed Id get the title shot but you know I’m happy with this fight, (Daley) he’s a big name, people they know us its not like I’m taking on a guy no one knows. He’s a veteran so absolutely its a big fight,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said he will be approaching this fight against Daley with pressure, aggression and said he will be looking to make a big statement in his return. Having learnt a big lesson from his last fight back in the UFC in which he lost to current UFC Welterweight title contender Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, MacDonald said he plans on redeeming that.

“My goal is to be a two weight champion, Middleweight and Welterweight, he continued. “Lets kick it off here with Paul and get the ball rolling”.

Another teammate of his, George Saint Pierre will also be making his return this year after three years away from competing. “Ive heard the rumours about him and Bisping going around, I think thats a good fight for George, Im happy for him if he gets that fight,” he said. “Another big one is McGregor, I don’t know if thats going to happen because from what I see McGregor’s going through his whole thing with boxing and all that so I think the biggest fight for him would be Bisping, Id be excited to watch that.”

Rory MacDonald said that GSP will have to train hard after having three years off to get his timing back but insisted that GSP is an animal and is always trying to improve. “I have no doubts that he can still fight at the top of the sport” he said.

Watch his full interview below

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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