Rashad Evans talks about the current state of the Blackzilians

After six years as the striking Head coach, Henri Hooft yesterday announced that he is parting ways with the Blackzilians.

Rashad Evans spoke to Ariel Helwani not long after the announcement and spoke about the current situation with regards to the team.

“The team has splintered,” he told Ariel Helwani. “The team has fragmented and you no it just became a very hard thing for Glenn to kind of, to keeping his grass in terms of keeping everyone together you know. Henri wanted to grow his brand and do his own thing and then it just wasn’t matching up with where Glenn wanted to go.”

“That’s part of the fragment and another part of it is the fact that we didn’t have a gym anymore. You know our gym was sold and Glenn was suppose to build another gym and I guess they moved into a temporary gym and there was some kind of falling out with the temporary gym. So part of the team stayed at the temporary gym and then the other half of the team, or more than half of the team went with Henri. I’m one of those guys that went with Henri so.”

Rashad talks about the exhausting drama that had been at the gym and said that the state of the Brazilians now is, “that there really is no Blackzilians anymore.” Rashad insisted that he didn’t want to put a stamp on it and say that the team really is no more but, “It really isn’t what it use to be,” he said.

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