Nick Diaz suspended for 5 years and fined 33% of his purse for marijuana use

It was a long day for Nick Diaz as he was present at the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing a post fight test for marijuana metabolites for his fight at UFC 183 against Anderson Silva this past January.

Silva was present to the NSAC this past August as he tested positive twice for drostanolone metabolites ahead of his fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183, and then after his fight night urine test. Silva then also tested positive for a second anabolic steroid, Androstane along with temzepam and oxazepam. Silva was handed with a 1 year suspension which enables him to resume fighting from February 2016.

Compared to Anderson Silva’s defence which was respectfully poor, Diaz defence was very strong. Diaz was represented by Lucas Middlebrooke.  Middlebrooke and the commission went back forth with questions, evidence and inconsistencies. Middlebrooke even stated within the hearing to the commission that “This man has due process and I know you’re not a court of law but you should honour that to some extent”. Diaz was questioned by Pat Lundvall but had same answer which was “Fifth Amendment”.

Pat Lundvall was motioning for Nick Diaz to receive a lifetime ban but in the end the NSAC made the decision of suspending Diaz for 5 years and 33% of his 500k (165k) fight purse for competing with marijuana metabolite in his system for UFC 183. This was Diaz third offence for marijuana use as his first offence took place is 2007, where he was suspended for 6 months. His second offence was in 2012 and he was suspended for 1 year.

Lucas Middlebrooke spoke to media after the decision was made and confirmed that they will appeal the decision and it was a personal vendetta suspension by the NSAC as reported by Brett Okamoto of ESPN.

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