Nate Diaz sick of waiting and ready to return to the Octagon in May, June

Nate Diaz has been away from the sport since his rematch against Conor McGregor at UFC 202, August 2016. That rematch saw Nate lose to McGregor by majority decision having won the first bout by second round submission at UFC 196. That result has always left the possibility of a rubber match to settle the score  but with Conor McGregor’s future in the UFC uncertain Nate could be waiting a while.

But Nate Diaz recently posted a series of fight photos on his Instagram account, one with the caption, “Sick of sitting around waiting for you fuckers to do shit there’s no excitement in this fight shit step your games up I’ll see you around May, June. Sincerely The Real Champ.”


Nate Diaz appears to be ready to return this summer and it didn’t take long for fellow Lightweights to respond.



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