Nate Diaz On Conor McGregor “He Ran The Whole Fight”

Nate Diaz was unsuccessful at scoring a victory over Conor McGregor the second time around at UFC 202. “I thought I won, at least three rounds to two and I didn’t think that was even a question”. Diaz told the media.

“I don’t think he did much. He did a lot of running in the fight and Ive been saying and my brothers been saying for year in Pride like, he should of got a yellow card for that type of thing. He ran the whole fight” he said.

Diaz talks about injuring his knee about a month ago and being injured coming into the fight. He told the media that the injury had stopped him from being able to train Jiu Jitsu for the last month and his rib had also been hurt during sparing about two and a half weeks ago.

Diaz is willing to sit out and wait to face McGregor again in a trilogy fight at 155lbs.


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