Mike Jackson on CM Punk “My only issue with Phil is when he called me a can”

MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green spoke to Mike Jackson who takes on CM Punk at UFC 225. Jackson is coming off a first round submission loss to Mickey Gall in his UFC and professional MMA debut but has a background in boxing and kickboxing.”He’s not going to be able to stand with me,” Jackson said about CM Punk. “A lot of people feel that I’m being cocky or arrogant when I say these things but I’m a realist and realistically when it comes to striking in general he hasn’t been training it that long and for me you know striking is a passion of mine, its something I prefer, so in terms of levels to the game I feel I’m at a far superior level in the striking aspect of this. He just can’t, what can he do, what can he show me that I haven’t already seen.”

CM Punk, or Phil Brooks as Mike Jackson prefers to refer to him as, made the move over from the WWE to UFC. Training under Duke Roufus, he made his professional MMA debut at UFC 203 losing by first round submission. Mike Jackson doesn’t believe Brooks will be able to gain very much knowledge in such a short space of time that he has been training in MMA. “To get to a certain level in a short period of time you almost have to dedicate yourself to training and I don’t think thats something he’s able to do at this moment.”

Jackson has no issue with Brooks making the move from professional wrestling straight into the big stage of the UFC and understands the business advantages a name such as CM Punk gives the UFC. “When you have a character such as Phil Brooks who comes over you have to capitalise on it so I’m not upset about it you know, my only issue with Phil is when he called me a can and you know it goes back to, Ive been in this sport for ten years, you’ve been in here for a very short time. At that moment when he said it he had never had a professional fight, he hadn’t had any fights let alone a professional fight, he hadn’t had any fights. I felt disrespected because for me although I had only had one pro fight which happened in the UFC, or pro MMA fight, I have been competing in boxing and other combat sports prior.”

“I just don’t feel that he is going to be able to hold his own at all on the feet with me,” Jackson predicted. “His best bet would obviously be to get the fight to the ground but thats going to be tough too, its not going to be an easy task.”

Watch the full interview below.

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