Miesha Tate on Holly Holm: “She is Ronda’s kryptonite”


UFC fighter Miesha Tate, who has twice fought Rousey, appeared on Inside MMA’s Ronda Rousey Special Edition and shared her desire to fight newly crowned champion Holly Holm before Rousey is scheduled for a rematch.

Miesha Tate stated:

“It was a pretty shocking victory, honestly, Holly surprised me. But I think she had the perfect game, she went out there and she executed flawlessly. She looked phenomenal. I’m all about styles make fights and she has the style to beat Ronda. She is Ronda’s kryptonite and she executed it perfectly.

Maybe it was everything else with the leadup, “I’m now hearing that there’s a lot of personal issues. It just seemed like maybe Ronda was distracted a little bit. But I feel like Ronda has always had a lot on her plate. She’s always had a lot going on. I don’t think it’s ever a perfect training situation for anybody going into a fight, especially a title fight. They’re longer camps and there’s more demand for media and all those things. I think that’s just the way Ronda is used to dealing with things. I don’t know if there was really anything different this time other than she just didn’t seem like herself.

Miesha Tate on hoping to fight Holm next:

“I think we’re probably looking at like a nine-month layoff, I don’t think it makes sense to hold up the entire women’s division for nine months. I figure if Holly and I fought each other, it’s a win-win for the UFC, because if Holly beats me then she’s beaten the girl that’s, besides her, given Ronda a run for her money. And if I beat Holly, then I’m on a five-fight win streak and I beat the girl that destroyed Ronda. I think it’s gonna be entirely different now and the women’s division has been turned upside down,”

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