Miesha Tate on Holly Holm “I really have to bring it to her”

In an interview with Inside MMA Miesha Tate talks on her upcoming fight with Holly Holm which will be the co-main event at UFC 197 at the MGM in Las Vegas March 5th. This card will be headlined by UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos who will take on UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

Miesha Tate on whether the fight with Holly Holm would happen or not:

“I really didn’t think it would happen because when i met with the UFC they were very adamant that the rematch with ronda would be the only thing that would happen and that I would need to take another fight and just wait that rotation then all of a sudden it changed and they he said you know you might may wanna get ready and then they just kept me in the dark honestly then I said that all i need to know and if that call comes Ill be ready.”

Miesha Tate on Holly

“I think Holly is a seller fighter she proves that you can never underestimate anyone ever in this game and I think we are putting together a really solid game plan to fight her I’m sure its gonna be a hell of a fight she’s amazing she’s undefeated she’s the champion so I no I really have to bring it to her so I can try and take that away from her.

“Holly brings something to the table that I have never had to deal with before and her boxing level and her kickboxing level is the most elite in the division hands down she’s quick she’s dynamic she know how to move its gonna be a very tactful gameplay on my part to be able to disrupt that or implement what i need to do to win that fight.”

Video Courtesy of Inside MMA


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