Michael Chiesa says he is ready to finish Anthony Pettis at UFC 226 and move on

MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green spoke to Michael Chiesa ahead of his upcoming bout against Anthony Pettis at UFC 226.

The two had originally been matched up to fight back in April at UFC 223, but an incident involving Conor McGregor lead to Michael Chiesa sustaining injuries that deemed him unfit to compete. “I can say that I was devastated you know, I was really geared up and ready to fight. I’d prepared well for that camp, I had my whole team out there in Brooklyn, my mum, my family, everybody and it was really unfortunate circumstances. The residual damage from that was pretty big you know, I had to go home and force myself to take some time off which its just unfortunate you know. I put a lot of work in and I didn’t get to showcase everything that I had been working on.”

Despite what happened at UFC 223, Michael Chiesa was glad that he didn’t lose this match up, going up against a former world champion in order to really test himself. But Chiesa feels very prepared for whatever Pettis may bring to the table, “I know Im going to have my hands full but Im very well prepared to get this win and I know Im going to get the job done.”

With back to back camps now, Chiesa has taken that time improving and is eager to get back into the octagon to compete. “I just want to put on a performance for the fans, for my family and all this training, all this preparation, Im ready to put it to the test.  I also want to close this chapter, you know Ive been focused on Anthony Pettis for over six months now and Im just ready to be done with him, Im ready to go out there, finish him and then move on to the next guy.”

“A finish or a dominant win, by any means necessary”, he predicted. “Im just excited to go out there, lay it all on the line. Whether I finish him or get a hard fought decision, I just see myself getting my hand raised.”

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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