Conor McGregor “Jose’s a scared little man who did not show up to fight”

In an interview with ESPN reporter Josh Grisham Conor McGregor discussed many different topics including the possibility of him fighting Jose Aldo at the Dallas AT&T Stadium in Texas. Conor stated

“We don’t stay the same you move up levels, so the next level would be big football stadiums which is in discussions and dallas stadium there has been rumours over the years that the UFC will hold an event there if they can get a fighter of my magnitude that can generate them numbers, it has always been rumoured but now they have me we have the numbers and now is the time to strike on this, if it is there it is there if it is in vegas its in vegas make no mistake about it, it will be the biggest fight in ufc history as will every single fight i am involved in from here on in.”

Conor McGregor also comments on Lorenzo Fertitta’s comments to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto that he maybe talking a little too much trash during the fight and he might need to back off a little bit. Conor’s response was

“Absolutely not I will handle my business as i feel fit Lorenzo’s my business partner and we have a phenomenal relationship but i do not tell him how to run the UFC so he should not tell me how to run the fight the game so, not yet I don’t tell him how to run the UFC mind you”

McGregor also went onto speak on Jose Aldo and whether he is the interim champion or world champion stating

“I am now the world champion you claim its the interim champion but jose went running, Jose’s a scared little man who did not show up to fight and sat under the covers praying for Chad Mendes to win his whole team was praying for chad to win so he would not have to face me but his prayers went unanswered and i dominated and won so now i am the featherweight world champion of the UFC and we will schedule a fight against jose in the future and see what way it plays out hopefully he stops running and mans up and lets do this damn fight.”

A date has not been confirmed but the fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor has been rumoured to be on January 2nd but whatever the date is, it will most definitely go down as one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC to date.


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