Mayweather on McGregor “I can’t overlook him I got to stay on my A game to beat this guy”

Floyd Mayweather spoke to the media ahead of the last stop on the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour in London.

When asked about the expectation that he will beat Conor McGregor easily, Floyd responded “That was said two weeks ago in the Pacquiao fight. They said Manny Pacquiao would win easy and they didn’t give Jeff Horn a chance and you see what happened. One thing we know about Conor McGregor he’s taller, he’s bigger, he’s got a longer reach, he’s in his twenties, I’m in my forties, he’s active and I’m inactive. So I can’t overlook him I got to stay on my A game to beat this guy.”

“We all know Conor McGregor has lost three times,” he continued. When every time he lost it was when he was on the ground, overtime Conor McGregor fought a fight standing up he was victorious.”

Coming out of retirement for this fight Mayweather admits that he is rusty but will go out there and give it his all come August 26th.

Lee Williams

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