Lauren Murphy “If I beat Sijara Eubanks I’ll be the number one contender”

UFC Flyweight Lauren Murphy spoke to MMA Crazy ahead of her upcoming bout against fellow Ultimate Fighter season 26 contestant Sijara Eubanks at UFC Fight Night Utica, June 1st.

Having already been competing in the UFC at Bantamweight, Lauren Murphy entered season 26 of the Ultimate Fighter to get a shot at the inaugural UFC Flyweight belt. However she was to lose to the current Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano, knocking her out of the competition. Her time on the show was an experience she wouldn’t repeat but by fair the hardest part she explains was leaving her son and husband. “It took me by surprise really how difficult it was to leave them, I mean losing on the show was bad and like, living with all those woman was kind of annoying some times, but really by far the worst part was being away from my husband and my son, and my dog. Me, my husband and my son we’re all very very close.”

Looking back, Murphy details a number of contributing factors that could have effected her performance on the show such as her weight and mental state but hopes to get a rematch with Nicco Montano some time in the near future. But although she lost in the house, Lauren Murphy had the opportunity to fight on the TUF 26 Finale when a spot became available due to Sijara Eubanks being unable to make weight. She replaced Roxanne Modafferi to face Barb Honchak and ended up winning by split decision on just one days notice. “It all worked out, you know I had a really good fight with Barb, we had a great performance that night,” she said.

“I was really happy with my performance I thought that I performed really well that night, Barb is a super tough opponent but also there are things that I could work on and so we looked at that fight and said ok if we were going to fight Lauren Murphy how would we beat her and we kind of took some notes on some weak points that I had in that fight and we have been working ever since then to make them stronger.”

Fighting out of the MMA Lab, there was no hesitation when the name Sijara Eubanks was put forward as Lauren Murphy’s next opponent. “We just said yes right away because she’s ranked higher than me and you know, you always want to try and fight up if you can.”

“I think she’s ranked number two and Shevchenko is ranked number one so if they have Montano and Shevchenko fight for the title and Sijara and I fight, then I imagine they would match up the two winners afterwards so there’s really not a better match up, you always want to fight up.”

Sijara Eubanks has a history of not making weight. With news of Max Holloway being deemed medically unfit to complete his weight cut by the New York State Athletic Commission at UFC 223, Lauren Murphy hopes Eubanks is able to make weight successfully this time. “Sijara better be on her f**king A game you know. Don’t be f**king around with your weight cut this time around. But I guess thats really out of my control so.”

“I think as long as we can just keep moving its going to be an awesome fight, its going to be fight of the night,” she predicts. “If I beat sijara I’ll be the number one contender.”

At the time of the conversation Conor McGregor was making the headlines for his involvement in an attack on a bus full of fighters at UFC 223. Murphy talks about the incident and sympathises with those injured and on the bus. “They could impose all kind of punishments on those guys but at the end of the day, like the truth is and this kind of sucks but the truth is if Conor McGregor fights again Im going to be tuning in to watch. That dude’s still a money making machine you know, the UFC is going to pay attention to that, he’s still there biggest star, probably even more so now. People are going to be tuning in just to see if maybe somebody can beat him. so its kind of awful, its terrible to see those guys do that stuff and get away with it and not get punished a lot because we all want to see him fight but unfortunately thats just the truth of it.”

“I think Khabib would mull him,” Lauren said if Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov were to fight. “McGregor might have a good first round or good first two rounds but I don’t know, Khabib does get hit sometimes and McGregor’s got crazy power so if anyone’s gonna knock Khabib out its gonna be McGregor but I just think Khabib’s wrestling is too good, once he gets his hands on you its kinda game over. We’ve seen lesser fighters end up in the clinch with McGregor so I would take Khabib on that.”

Cover picture courtesy of the UFC

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