Conor McGregor “KO Jose And Then KO Whoever Holds That Lightweight Belt.”

Conor McGregor sat down with the media ahead of his upcoming fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 194, Dec 12th.

McGregor having held two titles in two separate weight classes in a previous organisation talks to the media about his aim to be a two-weight champion within his next two fights.

“I will KO Jose Aldo and I will face the winner of the lightweight belt, which takes place a week after and I will fight for that, within the next two fights I will be a two-weight world champion. Featherweight’s popping because I’m in here popping. If I go up to 155, guess what? All of a sudden 155 is popping. I might bless them with some big numbers as well in the future.”

“I think the brass want that; they said to me that, if Cerrone wins, they would do the lightweight fight,” McGregor said.

“They would do a lightweight title fight because dos Anjos wouldn’t bring the numbers. It wouldn’t be as big with dos Anjos. But, really, the fight will decide what happens. If it’s a war, if it’s a great fight, then all of a sudden dos Anjos’ stock rises and I’m sure he’s going to call me out. Then it’s there.”

“I feel it’s almost set in stone. KO Jose and then KO whoever holds that lightweight belt. Within the next two fights I will be a two-weight world champion once again, but this time in the UFC.”

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