Kevin Lee on Conor McGregor ‘He’s a Culture Vulture”

MMA Crazy reporter Lee Williams caught up with UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee in Glasgow Scotland. He spoke on a number of subjects such as his past fight with Mike Chiesa, the new season of TUF, his future and the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour.

“We can run that one back in Detroit” he said with regards to the controversy surrounding his latest fight with Mike Chiesa. He believes Chiesa is wasting his time and money on an appeal that he will not win but doesn’t mind running it back if necessary, “I’ll take some years off the mans life if you want me to.”

The coaches of the new season of the Ultimate Fighter have recently been announced, a spot that Kevin Lee was after. Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez will coach the new series,”I guess they wanna kill TUF,” he said.”Nobody is going to watch Gaethje and Eddie I’m sorry,” he continued. “I’m gonna slide my way in there one way or another it ain’t over, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Just because Dana says it’s true doesn’t mean it’s true.”

Kevin Lee scored Justin Gaethje a C for his performance against Michael Johnson and doesn’t see why they would put Gaethje and Alvarez together as the new coaches for TUF. “I don’t think he’s all that,” he said. “He’s very basic he hasn’t fought somebody at that level yet it’s a huge step up for him, he’s only fought journey men so far in his career. Eddies another journey man, I don’t see why they put them together but I guess Justin brings in the money, I don’t know what he do.”

But Kevin Lee doesn’t see himself staying in the Lightweight division for the rest of his career. Currently walking around at 190lbs a move up a weight class would be ideal, preferably to a new 165lbs weight class.”I say they should of made the 165lbs, I still don’t see what the hold up is. Do it, let’s make the 165lbs division and I’ll be the champion in that division and then we can have a superfight.”

“At 165lbs I’m much better, if I have to go up to 170lbs eventually I will but we’ll see what happens I don’t know how many more cuts down to 155lbs I can make even to be honest with you and it does kind of hinder me in terms of taking short minute fights.”

Speaking one day after the last stop of the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour, Kevin Lee gave his thoughts on the Tour in general. Only seeing parts of the tour, he explained it as ‘weird’. “I thought that it was weird, I think that Conor brings out the young type Floyd but he (floyd) should just stick to what he do,” he said.

“I think honestly Conor doesn’t know no better,” he said with regards to the racist comments made during the tour. “I think he’s an Irishman who’s pretending to be an American, he’s a culture vulture is what he is and he doesn’t really understand what he’s saying even. You know, because he didn’t grow up in America he doesn’t understand even the back drop and the history and what happens when you say those types of things so he’s a culture vulture.”

“If it was against any other boxer I think Conor would stand a really great chance of winning but Floyd’s a championship level boxer,” he said when breaking down the fight. “He’s (Floyd) going to prepare, I seen his training camp you know. He’s bringing in guys that are going to mimic that style and he’s preparing the right way so with the right preparation comes the right game plan and with the right game plan comes the victory.”

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