Kevin Lee “Lets make the 165lbs division and I’ll be the Champion”

UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee doesn’t see himself staying in the 155lbs division for the rest of his career in the sport. Speaking to MMA Crazy in Glasgow, Lee said he currently walks around at 190lbs and a move up a weight class would be ideal, preferably to a new 165lbs weight class. ”I say they should of made the 165lbs, I still don’t see what the hold up is. Do it, let’s make the 165lbs division and I’ll be the champion in that division and then we can have a superfight.”

New weight classes have just been added to the unified rules of MMA by the ABC (The association of Boxing Commissions).

According to MMAJunkie that will bring the number of weight divisions up to a total of 13 with 165lbs (super lightweight), 175lbs (super welterweight), 195lbs (super middleweight) and 225lbs (cruiserweight). Promoters however are not required to use the new weight classes but hope that it will combat the current issues of extreme weight cutting in fighters.

“At 165lbs I’m much better,” he told MMA Crazy. “If I have to go up to 170lbs eventually I will but we’ll see what happens I don’t know how many more cuts down to 155lbs I can make even to be honest with you and it does kind of hinder me in terms of taking short minute fights.”

With the recent news of the new weight classes, Kevin Lee wasted no time in claiming the potentially new 165lbs division. Even challenging Nate Diaz to a 165lbs title fight at UFC Detroit this December.

The Super Lightweight champion #MTP #25toLife #UFCDetroit #165lbDivision

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The UFC are yet to comment if they will adopt these new weight classes but one thing is for sure it will create a whole host of new opportunities for fighters.

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