Kajan Johnson believes Dana White influences negative fan reactions

Kajan Johnson spoke to the media backstage after his split decision win over Stevie Ray at UFC Fight Night London.

In his post fight interview Kajan Johnson addresses his issue with fans that booed once the score card was read and blames UFC president Dana White for influencing the fans. “It upsets me when two of the world’s best martial artists, because really thats what we are, in the UFC we are the greatest martial artists really that have ever lived because the state of material arts right now is in its highest revolutionary form that its ever been in. So some of the greatest martial artists that have ever walked the face of the earth are in the cage competing giving their heart and bleeding for you and then because you don’t like the way the judges scored it your going to boo the fighter, your going to boo that martial arts master. It just seems very dishonourable to me and it upsets me greatly. I have a real issue with the fans of mixed martial arts because of the way they treat the fighters and in my opinion it comes from the top, a lot of the time you will see Dana White just giving the fighters so much grief and if you don’t go out and just sling leather and bleed for him then he’s talking all this smack about them. Because the leader of the organisation acts like this then its so much easier for the fans to act like this, so it really upsets me and its a huge problem I have with it.”

Johnson however thinks that Dana White would have liked the fight as they both showed their heart, but believes the fans were upset with the scores because they wanted their fellow countryman to win.


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