Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor still on for UFC 189 July 11th

The UFC today confirmed that Jose Aldo does not have a fractured rib but bone bruising and cartilage damage. Reports emerged at the beginning of the week from Brazillian reporter Ana Hissa, that Jose Aldo had fractured his rib during sparring.

The bout between Jose Aldo & Conor McGregor will still take place at UFC 189 July 11th at The MGM Grand Garden Arena but the UFC have a contingency plan put in place should it not go to plan. Several fighters came out on twitter to express their interest in fighting Conor McGregor such as Max Holloway and Urijah Faber but it will be number one contender Chad Mendes that will take on McGregor for the interim belt should Aldo not be able to compete.

Louise Green

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