Jose Aldo On Conor McGregor “I Wanna Whoop Ur Ass Anywhere”

Jose Aldo has put out a statement on his facebook page about his current situation. The former Featherweight Champion has expressed his wishes to only except a fight if it is for the belt.

“Hi everyone, i was quiet for a while because i was waiting for my rematch based on how the fight Went down, in fact I was already training for it, but apparently I was wrong. So I wanted to make something clear to UFC: for everything I have done, everything I have accepted and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot . My only exception would be fighting Conor McGregor, at any time, anywhere, and once that he is scary and knows that I’m gonna win… Doesn’t have to be title fight against him. Keep my belt, but I wanna whoop ur ass anywhere.
Dana White Lorenzo Fertitta UFC keep ur word. I still believe in the company that I work for.

Jose Aldo lost the UFC Featherweight belt after Conor McGregor knocked him out in 13secs into the first round at UFC 194.


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