Jon Jones “I know in my heart that I would never take something that would enhance me in anyway”

Following the news of Jon Jones potential anti doping violation, a press conference was scheduled with Jones and his team. He started by apologising to his fans, the UFC and to his opponent Daniel Cormier who is now also currently off the UFC 200 card. He told the media that he didn’t know what the substance was that he was flagged for and didn’t even no how to pronounce it. His team didn’t want to get into the details of the substance but said they would be fighting the findings. Jones manager informed the media that the B sample was being tested today, with the hope of getting back the results tonight. They said they are hoping that the B sample comes back negative but if not, Jones could be looking at a potential 2 year suspension .

Jones left the presser at one point, clearly very emotional and upset at the news. Jones said if he has to sit out due to a 2 year suspension then he would come back. He tried to remain positive and said that he believed something good would come of this and that god has a plan for him, “Im hard to be broken” he said.

Watch back the press conference below courtesy of MMA Heat


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