John Kavanagh reacts to Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour

Conor McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh gives his reaction to the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor World Tour as it reaches its mid way point.

The World Tour kicked off at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles first before moving onto Toronto Canada. John Kavanagh believes it may have been a 10-9 to Mayweather in LA but was pretty sure that it was a 10-8 for Conor in Toronto. However, he thinks that some of the boxing commentaters are still looking at the very early UFC’s and still think that fighters within MMA have not reached the development in their indvidual skills set yet which in fact they have.

“He will be very well prepared, we’ve already gone through one training cycle and we had in some good opposition, some good sparring partners and as we expected his skills have very well transcended over,” He said. Kavanagh will be heading out on Monday for the second half of McGregor’s training camp kicking off another four week cycle.

The second stop on the tour, Toronto McGregor really came into his element and had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand. He attacked Mayweather with a range of verbal jabs, commenting on his troubles with the IRS and his lack of reading skills as just two examples of many. With only reaching the half way point of the tour, many wonder if McGregor will get into Mayweather’s head. Coach Kavanagh disagrees.

“If we are being one hundred percent honest then no. Floyd’s forty years of age, he’s been around the fight game. I think when your watching others that have not competed at that level maybe it would get to us more but I think the two of them are having a lot of fun with it, they seem to be really enjoying it. Maybe it was a little bit surprising to him, it was to me anyway, just how much fan fairs in one direction when he did his hard work and dedication there was a tumble weed going past a bit, a bit awkward to watch and I think its only going to get worse when we go to New York and then London.”

Kavanagh believes this fight will help grow both sports with its massive cross over into the main stream. He aims to stay out of McGregor’s verbal sparring with Floyd Mayweather and the topics he throws at Mayweather. John Kavanagh recently gave his opinion on Floyd Mayweather’s domestic violence past and is surprised at the reaction he got for stating facts but believes McGregor will stay clear of that topic.

The World Tour heads to New York next and John Kavanagh see’s things hotting up even more. “The warm up rounds are over, I’m looking forward to tonight.”

Louise Green

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