Joe Rogan on the Nick Diaz suspension "They stole five years from this guys career"

Joe Rogan is one of many to voice his opinion on Nick Diaz being suspended for five years and fined 33% (165K) of his fight purse for testing positive for Marijuana metabolites in a post fight test for his bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 193 this past January.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast he stated:

“That Nick Diaz thing , it’s disgusting. Well here’s the thing those people were not willing to take into consideration he passed two tests, two WADA tests and failed one from some f**king local lab. And the local labs numbers were off the charts! So two out of three tests he passed. They weren’t even willing to take into consideration the other tests because they didn’t perform them. Not only that there’re performing urine test’s which are significantly less accurate than blood¬†tests.”

“They f**ked him! They f**ked him raw and they f**ked him out of $160,000 and five years of his career,”

“They stole five years from this guys career, and they stole $165,000 from his purse and they weren’t even willing to take into consideration the other two tests”.

Ronda Rousey also voiced her opinions on the situation at the UFC 193 on sale press conference yesterday in Melbourne, Australia.

Starts at 1:34.14


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