Jimmie Rivera believes the UFC favour Marlon Moraes ahead of their main event bout at UFC Utica

UFC Bantamweight Jimmie Rivera gets his first spot in a main event as he takes on Marlon Moraes at UFC Fight Night Utica. Speaking to MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green, Jimmie Rivera explains the history between the two as a fight almost came to fruition back in December, “You got a guy that you want me to fight but he’s saying no and he’s offering on social media that he will fight me, it makes him look like a chump, makes him looked scared, makes him look stupid really.”

Unwilling to reschedule his honeymoon for a third time, the fight was finally booked for June 1st in Utica. “Im just going to hurt him,” he replied when asked about his feelings towards Marlon Moraes.”I don’t like him. Im not a big fan of his manager either, his manager was very disrespectful to my wife.” It is this disrespect that Rivera says is fuelling the fire.

An important fight in the UFC Bantamweight division that will most likely determine the number one contender in the division, Rivera doesn’t believe Marlon Moraes deserves the shot. “I don’t think he’s earned the shot but the UFC, favouritism, favours him a little bit and they wanna give him a shot for someone that’s really, I think 1-2. I don’t think he beat Dodson, he got a lucky knockout with Sterling and he lost his first fight against Assuncao so I think he’s tough but I don’t think he’s good.”

“I’m sure if he wins the fight they will be like, oh he can fight for the belt next and if I win the fight they will probably want me to get like ten more wins before I can fight for the belt, I don’t really know.”

A main event bout however is a great career move for Rivera and although a knock out would be desirable, the main focus for Rivera is getting his hand raised on June 1st.

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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