Holly Holm Will Fight Before Fighting Ronda Rousey

UFC President Dana White confirmed on ‘UFC Tonight’ that “Holly Holm will fight before she fights Ronda”.

Following the upset of Holly Holm dethroning the former  Women’s Bantamweight Champ Ronda Rousey, most expected Rousey to get an automatic rematch. The rematch UFC have their eyes set for would be at UFC 200 in July.

However Holly Holm and her team have previously said that July was a long time to wait and had expressed an interest in fighting number 3 ranked Miesha Tate before then. Miesha Tate is currently on a four fight win streak after suffering another loss to the former champ, Ronda Rousey in 2013. Dana White did not confirm an opponent, date or venue but a fight against Tate looks more than likely.

The UFC president did also mention when Ronda Rousey will fight again as Ronda will be busy filming two movies in the coming months and will star as the host for ‘Saturday Night Live’.

“Ronda has dedicated the last three plus years to working hard here. Not just fighting, but promoting and taking the sport and the UFC to a whole other level. Ronda has some well deserved time off but she will fight this year” he added.



Cover photo Courtesy of Sherdog.



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