Former UFC Champion Rashad Evans announces his retirement

Rashad Evans has announced his retirement from MMA after a long career spanning back to 2004. Evans won the Ultimate Fighter season 2 in 2005 and went on to capture the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 92 after defeating Forrest Griffin in 2008.

An emotional Evans announced his retirement on Ariel Helwani’s show on ESPN. The news comes following four straight losses, the last being to Anthony Smith via first round KO at UFC 225 this past June.

“I feel a little unsettled about the way my career ended but I think it had to end this way,” He told Ariel Helwani. “I don’t think I would have stopped if it didn’t end this way. Having it end this way it was hard, but there’s no mistakes in life and it was necessary. I trust the process in life and I trust the universe and God and I know it’s going to decide what’s best for me.”

Evans said the decision didn’t come easy, but he is keen to start a new chapter in his life. “At one point in my life I felt as if fighting was everything and it was everything. Then I put life second, but now life is taking over and fighting is becoming second. Competing in a sport like MMA where you have a lot of guys who haven’t been to the top of the mountain, who haven’t experienced the things I’ve experienced, they’re hungry for it. For me, I was just lukewarm.”

Louise Green

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