Darren Till talks UFC Liverpool and potential headline fight against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson

The UFC have announced they will be heading to Liverpool, England this May for the first time. The event will be headlined by Liverpool’s very own Darren Till but his opponent is still yet to be determined.

After the announcement, Darren Till spoke backstage to the media about his dream of bringing the UFC to Liverpool finally coming true, “This has been a dream of mine for years and Im the person thats doing it”. Till wants to fight No.1 ranked Welterweight Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson although that fight hasn’t been confirmed or accepted by Thompson, Till has asked for anyone in the top ten.

“I know I can outsmart him and come with the knockout,” he said about a potential fight with Wonderboy. “I don’t want to beat him over five rounds, I want to knock him out, I want to devastate his life”.

With Liverpool being a hot bed of UK talent in MMA, Darren Till hopes his team mate Mike Grundy gets the call up to fight alongside him on the card. He talks about his struggles as a family man trying to make a living in MMA and compares it to ‘the fake side of MMA’ with fighters such as CM Punk and Floyd Mayweather crossing over into the sport. “Its no disrespect but its just this fake side of MMA, its all about money and the talk is all about money, and this and that and Floyd Mayweather coming into MMA, I couldn’t give a shit about all that. Then I see a guy like Mike Grundy who’s five, six, seven years older than me struggling to pay rent you know, he’s got three kids, he’s just had another baby, he’s dedicated to what he does, he travels 40mins in the morning and 40mins at night just to train with me. He’s two weights lighter than me, just to get punched you know. Just a shot thats all he deserves, it doesn’t matter if he gets into the UFC and gets three defeats, I couldn’t care, obviously I do but he deserves the shot more than a lot of other people for example CM Punk. CM Punk is sitting in a mansion somewhere with millions of pounds, or millions of dollars. Mike Grundy hasn’t got a £10 in his pocket, I don’t understand and thats why I hate that side and thats why Ill never ever do it for money, I couldn’t give a f**k about the money, I like the nicer things in life but if you took all that away its all about legacy.”

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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