Dana White on Ronda Rousey “You don’t see women, knock women out like that”

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on FOX Sports, UFC President Dana White recapped the main event at UFC 190 between Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia.

Dana stated ” You don’t see women, knock women out like that, the way that she knocked her out she can do it all, Ronda just gets better every time she fights”.

UFC 190 and Ronda Rousey were trending world wide with many celebrities all over the world showing their support to the UFC Champion online. Niall Horan from One Direction tweeted

Dana stated that this event was trending bigger than UFC 189 which was a massive event for the UFC.

Dana then went onto say ” she’s the most bad ass woman anybody’s ever seen, she’s a phenomenon people are drawn to her for a reason she’s a legitimate, unbelievable, incredible talent.

Helwani went onto question Dana White on whether fighters were doing anything wrong in terms of there approach to fighting her.

Dana says: “You didn’t wanna go to the ground with her you wanted to stand up with her, you stand up you go to the ground no matter where you go. The thing people need to understand about Ronda Rousey is she came into this sport very green, she gets better every time she fights, she’s still growing and learning as a fighter and thats scary.

The next fight expected for Ronda Rousey will be against her arch nemesis Miesha Tate for a third time Dana White had this to say about it.

“If you don’t wanna see that fight what do you wanna see, I mean Miesha is the number one ranked fighter in the world in that weight class, she looked awesome against Jessica Eye, she dropped her twice in that fight I mean Ronda and Miesha is always gonna be fun I think”

Ariel then went onto poach Dana about the fight that many want to see and that is Ronda Rousey vs Cristiane Justino Cyborg.

“The day she makes the weight and does what she’s suppose to do that fights on, you I don’t want that fight to happen, now I’m changing my mind on that fight, I think that fight does 2 and a half millions buys, I think that fight is massive.”


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