Dana White Responds to Demetrious Johnson’s claims of bullying

The UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson spoke out recently about claims of bullying and unfair treatment by Dana White and the UFC. This news came about after Johnson refused a fight with former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, a fight that the UFC are pushing for.

Demetrious Johnson gave a detailed statement to MMAFighting.com explaining his dealings with the UFC matchmakers on the issue, a lack of promotion and lack of PPV points. In this statement Johnson also states that UFC President Dana White threatened to shut down the flyweight division, something that he denies in a recent interview with TMZ.

In this recent interview Dana White responds to Demetrious Johnson’s statement. He says that UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard told him that most of what Johnson said in his statement was untrue. Regarding Johnson’s lack of PPV points, White explains it was due to Johnson not wanting it and preferring to be paid upfront, “When he did his deal, he didn’t want PPV,” Dana White said. “He didn’t want PPV he wanted upfront money no PPV. He wasn’t very confident in his abilities to sell Pay-Per-Views. He has the lowest-selling Pay-Per-View in the history of the UFC in the modern era.”

“I think a fight between him and TJ Dillashaw would be something that people would actually be interested in and could sell Pay-Per-Views and could make money. But he absolutely refuses to fight the guy. It’s ridiculous,” he continued.

Demetrious Johnson feels the UFC have failed to market him appropriatly, something that Dana White disagrees with.”We’re not marketing him right?” he said. “We built a TV show around him. ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ was about what an incredible fighter he is. We put him on Fox many times and tried to build him and it is what it is. It’s not me. Im bullying you ? How do you bully the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world”.

“The media claims he’s the pound for pound best fighter in the world. I think Conor McGregor is the pound for pound best fighter in the world. If you look at what that really means, what pound-for-pound means. Conor doesn’t give a shit, he’ll fight anybody, anywhere, anytime and if Demetrious is the pound-for-pound best guy in the world then fight TJ Dillashaw. Fight someone that people will actually care about and be interested in.”

Watch the full interview below

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