Dana White on Jon Jones “He’s doing what he suppose to be doing”

Joe Rogan decided to do a Podcast on the plane on the way back from Melbourne, Australia with Dana White and spoke on a number of topics including the aftermath of UFC 193, Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, Jon Jones, TRT, Vitor Belfort and a number of other topics.

One of the topics Dana spoke on with Joe Rogan was Jon Jones.

Dana White: “You look at Jon Jones right now who’s totally getting into all this power lifting and stuff. Have you seen some of that stuff

Joe Rogan: “oh my god he looks huge”

Dana White: “its unbelievable what a freak of nature that guy is he really is”

Joe Rogan “I’m hoping he straightens his head out and comes back you wanna talk about just a spectacular talent Jon Jones could be the most spectacular guy in the sport. He’s just an incredible athlete and whats he been able to do to top level fighters like early in his career  is nothing short of amazing if he doesn’t have a wake up call from all this and just cuts the bullshit and just focuses on just taking advantage of the prime, cause he’s in his prime”

Dana White: He’s in his prime he’s so big so talented such a gifted athlete cause you look at what he’s done in the sport then you look at what he’s doing now he’s getting into power lifting and he’s benching 500lbs and squatting and deadlifting 600lbs i mean its crazy”

Joe Rogan: “and he could fight at f–cking heavyweight too by the way easily”

Dana White: “He keeps power lifting he’ll probably have to but  Its kool it looks like he’s doing the right thing now he’s doing what he’s suppose to be doing, and for his community service looks like he’s working hard in the gym looks like his head is into it and he likes it.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_LL_H7L_Tg&w=420&h=315]


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