Dana White “Interested” In Giving Conor McGregor A Shot At Becoming Two Division Champion

The UFC President Dana White made an appearance on ‘UFC Tonight’ and spoke about the possibility of Conor McGregor being the first in UFC history to hold two belts from two different divisions.

Before the UFC Conor McGregor had held both the Featherweight belt and Lightweight belt simultaneously in the Cage Warriors promotion. He has expressed his desire to do the same in the UFC and after knocking out former Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo in spectacular fashion, it seems he is half way there.

Dana White told ‘UFC Tonight’, “Conor has said that he would like to win the 155 pound belt and fight four times a year and defend both belts. If anybody can do it, Conor McGregor can. This guy has pretty much done everything he said he would do, so I’m interested.”

This means that Conor McGregor would get a shot at UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos. The lightweight champ has made it known that he would be interested in taking on McGregor.

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If McGregor also goes on to win the Lightweight belt then it would be a first in UFC history as Champions have previously been expected to vacate their belt if moving to another division. “That is true that normally I would say that if you’re going to move up in weight, you have to give up the belt. But Conor has done everything he said he would do. He wants to fight, he really likes money, so if anybody can do it, its probably him” Said Dana White.


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