Dana White to Demetrious Johnson ‘you don’t make the fights around here, I do’

Dana White spoke to Matt Serra and Ray Longo on the UFC Unfiltered Podcast and spoke about Demetrious Johnson refusing to fight T.J. Dillashaw.

Demetrious Johnson had previously stated on twitter:

Dana White had this to say on the situation:

“For the first time ever you know, I have a fight with Demetrious Johnson where he is on his way to break the record, Anderson Silva’s record for the most title defences, T.J. Dillashaw can’t fight Cody No Love cause Cody screwed up his back and Cody isn’t going to be back for a while so he’s like ‘I can make this weight I’m already working on it and everything else and I’m going to stop him from breaking that record.”

“T.J is going to go down to 25 (125lbs) to fight D.J. to stop him from breaking the record. D.J doesn’t want to fight him. Its insanity, first of all this is the first fight ever in D.J.’s history the he actually gets Pay Per View. This is the first real fight people will care about and want to see on pay per view and he is refusing to fight T.J. Dillashaw.”

“Ray Borg what’s he ranked right now 5 or 6, yeah the guys ranked 5 or 6 T.J Dillashaw is a former world champion coming down from the different weight class above who next in line for a title shot there, absolutely he’s next in line if that’s what he wants.”

“Listen at the end of the day you know how I am with that stuff, unfortunately for D.J. you don’t make the fights around here I do so that the fight where pushing for.”

“That’s the fight, I talked T.J.Dillashaw again yesterday that the fight he wants he’s ready already cutting weight he’s ready.”

Dana White on the fight date:

“That one will be August 19th.”

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