Dana White says former Champ Ronda Rousey refuses to retire

UFC president Dana White spoke to the media ahead of UFC 218. In the media scrum Dana White spoke on a number of topics, one being Ronda Rousey and her contribution to the development of the women’s division in the UFC.

“She sold me,” he said when recalling his decision to include a women’s division in the UFC. “It was the right decision, you know if you look at not only how big she (Ronda) became but how big the women’s sport is. We just added another weight division and you know, women are going to headline the end of the year event and every time there’s a card there’s a women’s fight on the card your excited about. This whole Ultimate Fighter is women, the list goes on and on.”

Dana White told the media that he still stays in contact with Ronda Rousey and insists she is happy doing her thing. “Ronda Rousey you know, where she is in her life, she accomplished everything in her life that she wanted to accomplish,” he said. “She wants to have a life, like a personal life and enjoy all the hard work she put in. She’s been working since she’s a kid, becoming an olympic medalist and then becoming a world champion so she achieved everything she wanted to do, she made a shed load of money and now she actually wants to have a life.”

Rousey recently got married to UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne and Dana White said he cares too much about her to see her come back but technically she has not retired from the sport. “She has not retired,” he said. “USADA is still popping up at her house testing her. She refuses to retire.”

Rousey last fought at UFC 207 in December last year when she suffered a second KO/TKO loss failing to recapture the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title, one that she had held from 2012 till 2015.

“She’s not ready to say I quit,” Dana White continued. “She’s not ready to say Im done for whatever reason.”

Louise Green

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