Curtis Blaydes on Alistair Overeem “I definitely plan on using my wrestling”

UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes spoke to MMA Crazy reporter Louise Green about his upcoming fight against Alistair Overeem at UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago.

Curtis Blaydes is coming off a unanimous decision win over Mark Hunt at UFC 221 this past February. He now takes on another big name in Alistair Overeem who is coming off a devastating knock out loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 218, “a lot of my coaches, a lot of veteran guys Ive talked to about it they say your jaw only has so many collisions you can take and that was definitely a major collision and he’s had tons of those, thats just the most recent one and who knows how many he’s had in practice. I do definitely think his chin isn’t what it use to be but its not to say he has a glass jaw, Im not going to disrespect him like that but after a knock out like that it definitely has to have some after effects.”

Blaydes plans to use his wrestling to win him the fight against Overeem and with a win over a highly ranked veteran of the sport, Blaydes see’s it putting him right in the middle of title contention. “Im envisioning something almost like the last fight, maybe a decision. Im looking to get the finish obviously but I know Alistair he’s a warrior so he’s not going to just let me have it, if its there its there, if not I’m alright with the decision but I do envision myself winning.”

Watch the full interview below

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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