Conor McGregor Digs At Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum During Fighter Of The Year Acceptance Speech

Conor McGregor is know for his outspokenness. Appearing on the big screen in a pre recorded video to accept his award for Fighter Of The Year at this years World MMA Awards, McGregor ensured his speech would be one to remember.

“I apologize for not being there,” He said. “There’s another man that must be slain, another champion that must be dethroned. There’s more numbers that need to be broken. I need to feed all you bums. I need to feed every single one of you’s in the game, so I’ve got to keep working, because you’s bums don’t work.”

McGregor goes on to dig at Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum for pulling out of his recent fight. “You got the heavyweight champion, who’s a pussy, pulling out with a sore toe. How is the heavyweight champion going to pull out with a sore toe ? What kind of champion is that ? The game is on its knees, so I apologize I can’t be there at the awards, but I am out here putting it in, working, putting in the true work, the work it takes to keep every one of yous fed. So thank you, and thank me.”

Video Courtesy of Jeremy Botter


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