Conor McGregor on Aldo “I don’t think he’ll be there. He didn’t show up last time”

In an exclusive and candid interview with Gareth A Davies, UFC superstar Conor McGregor gives an insight into his life since winning the interim featherweight championship in July. The Irishman also previews his upcoming UFC194 fight against Jose Aldo

In interview Conor McGregor talks on Jose Aldo not turning up to their showdown at UFC 194 next month December 12th at the MGM in Las Vegas and states:

“I don’t think he’ll be there. He didn’t show up last time. I can see him over-reaching, over-extending and then lying there unconscious.”

Conor Mcgregor also spoke on receiving UFC Reebok apparel with the word interim on it stating:

“Reebok sent a load of stuff over with ‘interim’ on it”, he told Davies.

“What the fuck is that ‘interim’ doing on my shit?”


Video courtesy of BT Sport

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