Conor McGregor on fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov “Its not official but we’re close”

TMZ ran into Conor McGregor while in New York and asked the former two division Champ if his fight against the new UFC Lightweight Champion and rival Khabib Nurmagomedov has been made yet. “Its not official but we’re close,” he said. When asked if it is likely that the title fight happens this year Conor McGregor replied, “I believe so, I hope so.”

Conor McGregor recently plead guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct due to his involvement in a bus attack back in April during the week of UFC 223. Before the fight can be made, he will have to undergo five days of community service, anger management classes and will have to pay for any damages as a result of the plea deal. The incident took place in Brooklyn New York and while speaking to TMZ, Conor McGregor spoke about his love for the city and the location of the upcoming fight, “I f**king love New York City, to be able to be here free, a free man walking around this place, what a city.”

“I’d love to fight in the Garden again,” he continued.  “But I believe this one is in Las Vegas.”


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