Conor McGregor “Donald Can Shut His Big Fat Mouth”

The UFC Featherweight Interim Champion Conor McGregor flew into LAX and was asked by TMZ what he thought of the Rousey & Holm fight,”Very tough fight. Holly fought a great fight and much respect, this is the fight business, these things happen. Ronda will be back. True champions come back and congratulations to Holly, the new champion” McGregor said.

Holly Holm became the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion when she defeated Ronda Rousey by KO at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia. When asked by TMZ if Ronda has a chance to come back Conor said, “Defeat is the secret ingredient to success, so true champions can conquer that, overcome that and come back. I wish her all the best.”

Finally when asked about comments made by Donald Trump about Ronda Rousey, McGregor replied by saying “Donald can shut his big fat mouth, I don’t give a f**k about Donald Trump.”


Conor McGregor is set to face Jose Aldo in a unification match at UFC 194 December 12th at the MGM in Las Vegas.



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