CM Punk UFC Debut Pushed back due to Suffering an Injury during training.

It has been reported by ESPN that former WWE wrestler CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks has suffered a shoulder injury during training. Punk trains at Roufusport, home to fighters such as former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. He suffered an injury to his shoulder during a scramble in training and is due to see a physician to determine when he can return to the gym after being out for several weeks.

His head coach Duke Roufus told ESPN, “He got caught in a scramble, so right now he’s taking a little time off. Our biggest thing is we want him to 101 percent before [we resuming training]. We don’t have a hard date for his fight to force the issue, so making sure he’s completely healthy is possible.”

Punk has no previous mixed martial arts experience and his coach has said many times that he wants Punk to be one hundred percent ready before his first fight in the UFC. He told ESPN that he believed Punk would be ready for the spring time but this injury has put their schedule back one month. Duke believes that it would make perfect sense to book Punk for UFC 200 July 9th which will take place in the new Arena currently being build in Las Vegas. “I gave up managing fighters, but I understand the promotion business,” He said. “I think it’s smart business. I was at UFC 100 [in 2009] when Brock Lesnar was showcased, and I saw the impact of that.”

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