Charles Oliveira suffers an Esophagus tear at UFC Saskatoon.

It has been reported by that the injury suffered by Charles Oliveira during his fight with Max Holloway at UFC Saskatoon was a tear of his Esophagus. Soon after a take down, Oliveira fell to the canvas holding his neck. Herb Dean called a stop to the contest and Oliveira was taken to the hospital in a neck brace and on a stretcher. At that point it was unclear the nature of his injury but UFC officials say he had full use of his extremities.

A UFC PR official and Dr. Jeff Davidson, a UFC medical consultant told that Oliveira suffered a micro-tear of his esophagus in the fight. Oliveira told that he had suffered a neck injury before entering the fight on Sunday. He is expected to stay in Canada for a few days to undergo tests.


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