Brock Lesnar talks Dana White, Vince McMahon and compares UFC & WWE

Today WWE superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was on Sports Centre and responded to a Dana White’s tweet about Pro Wrestling being fake.

Here are the tweets from Dana White.


In the interview with ESPN Sports Centre they ask for his reaction Brock Lesnar says

“Of course Dana its fake alright everybody knows that, but its still the same, your promoting the same thing where promoting, Dana White is promoting fights where promoting fights it just so happens we get more longevity out of our fighters because of the circumstance it is a staged arena everybody knows that and if you can’t turn WWE on monday night and get something out of that show and be entertained,then there’s something wrong with you.”

Lesnar the goes onto compare WWE and UFC saying

“Dana probably in his defence you know he is promoting fighting and its the same thing he’s trying to sell pay per views he’s trying to sell money fights, its the same racket.”

Lesnar then compares Vince McMahon to Dana White saying

“The business model is the same, its identical and i think Vince Mcmahon is better at it than Dana and that might rub him the wrong way. Vince is the pioneer of it he has been doing this his whole life and he’s damn good at it”.




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