Bethe Correia apologizes to Ronda Rousey for Suicide comment.

Bethe Correia hit the headlines recently for a very insensitive comment aimed at Ronda Rousey. In her comment Bethe said, “She is winning, so everybody is around her cheering her up, but when she realises she is not everything that she believes she is, I don’t know what might happen. I hope she does not kill herself later on“. (translation by MMA Mania)

The comments hit Ronda close to home as her father past away due to suicide when she was just a child. Ronda hit back at the comment on twitter by saying, “Suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve“.

According to Bethe said she was fully aware of Ronda’s past and of her father passing away but was unaware that it was through suicide. Ronda has always been very open about her past and her love of her late father. In her new book ‘My Fight/Your Fight’ she talks about her life inside and out of the octagon and mentions about her late fathers death. It is apparent now that it was intended as a low blow as Ronda received a very warm reception back in Brazil when they both made an appearance on the Aldo and McGregor world tour. Ronda told the crowd, “Bethe is going to have her own come to Jesus meeting in Brazil”.
The fact that Ronda showed her up in front of her fellow Brazillians was enough fuel to hit back. Although In my opinion I find it difficult to believe that Bethe had no idea about Ronda’s close family link to Suicide as she knew other areas of Ronda’s personal life.
Either way Bethe’s comments were extremly upsetting for Ronda Rousey and took trash talking, or selling a fight to an all time low.

Bethe has recently come out to apologise for the comments by saying, “I never knew what happened to ur dad. I’m humble enough to ask u for forgiveness. Family is a godly bless to me. See u in #UFC190″.

Whether this is enough, I don’t think so. Being in Ronda Rousey’s bad books is not going to do her any favours come fight night. The two will get to settle it inside the octagon August 1st in Brazil at UFC 190.

Louise Green

Writer/Contributor, Co-Owner and Co-Creator of MMA Crazy

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